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A collection of Family Trees and other Charts
for gorillas living at Zoos and Wildlife Parks all over the world.

The International Gorilla Studbook 2015 lists a total of
879 individuals, living in 145 institutions. 

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On the page for Africa you can also find charts for the local
Rescue Centers and Reintroduction Projects.

Not all of the trees are as self-explanatory as this one: 

In case you need help with the arrows and lines, here is a  Tutorial  on the correct interpretation of family relations. 


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Please note

This website features genealogical charts and "family trees" for gorilla groups in zoos, as well as traditional family trees for some exceptionally remarkable individuals.

All charts and trees are updated on a regular basis.
However, when you follow a link be sure to also read the latest comments as they may contain additional information not yet reflected in the chart itself.

New charts are added frequently, so please check the pages for your favorite zoo occasionally.

Also, check out the Links with lots of useful websites about gorillas, both in the wild and in captivity.