Zoo Map Asia
Current population: 48 (December 2015)

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Jinan (Tsinan)
Zhengzhou (Chengchow)

Karnataka : Mysore No gorillas on display since April 2014

Jakarta : Ragunan Zoo (Schmutzer Primate Centre)

Tel Aviv : Ramat Gan

Zoo Map Japan
Current population: 25 (December 2014).

Chiba Zoo
Fukuoka Zoo : 2013 - 2016 No gorillas on display since May 2016
Hamamatsu Zoo
Hitachi : Kamine Zoo — No gorillas on display since June 2012 
Inuyama : Monkey Centre & Primate Zoo
Kobe : Oji Zoo No gorillas on display since December 2015
Kyoto Municipal Zoo : 2013 - 2015
Nagoya : Higashiyama Zoo
Sendai : Yagiyama Zoo
Tokyo : Ueno ZooHistory

Tokyo : Tama Zoo
No gorillas on display since March 1997 

Taiping - The "Taiping Four" (2002-2004) (also see the chart for Pretoria)

Republic of Korea
Seoul : Grand Park Zoo Gorilong

Taipei Zoo

Bangkok : Pata Zoo
Chiang Mai – Group not yet established

United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Al Ain No gorillas on display since August 2016

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