In 2010 I became "addicted" to gorillas.

I have always liked animals, but this happened out of the blue and came as a surprise to me. I still can't fully explain what triggered my interest in the first place – maybe the fact that they are so big and strong, and yet so gentle and peaceful, compared to humans. They are a lot like us, but then again so different - a difference I consider an upside. I believe we can learn so much from them, by studying their behaviour or by just watching them.

And that's exactly what I did in the beginning - looking at photos, watching videos, reading articles that helped me to further understand who and what they are. Most of the photos available on the internet happen to have be taken in zoos, of gorillas in captivity. While initially I had been interested mostly in Mountain Gorillas, I soon focused more and more on Lowland Gorillas in European and other zoos. The groups in Prague and in Amsterdam were the first ones I became familiar with, others followed soon.

Then, because my memory is really bad and I had a hard time remembering their names, their age and their family relations, I made my first "family trees" - charts featuring all members of a zoo group - where I could look up what I could not keep in mind. Soon I realized that obviously I was more or less the only one around making such charts, and so I thought, why not post them on Flickr? As it turned out, some people liked them and they helped me to get in touch with the small, but faithful community of gorilla lovers worldwide which I'm proud to be a part of now.

I am also on Facebook and ZooChat but my homepage, so to speak, is still Flickr. There, other users post comments with updates and corrections which I depend on and usually can rely on in order to keep my charts up-to-date. So when you follow a link be sure to also read the comments below as they may contain additional information not yet reflected in the chart.

This site is just a mirror of my collection on Flickr, but it provides a directory ordered by regions (continents) and countries for easier navigation. When creating this website, my primary aim was to allow easy access to my family trees. However, I have added additional resources since so please don't miss to check out the extensive links section with lots of useful information about gorillas, both in the wild and in captivity.

Gorilla Art

Gorillas are well represented in the arts. Here is a small collection of old prints as well as of stamps, banknotes and coins featuring gorillas.

And here is my collection of gorilla photos from the zoos I have visited so far.

Jörg Feiertag

Graz, Austria, October 2012

Please note

This website features genealogical charts and "family trees" for gorilla groups in zoos, as well as traditional family trees for some exceptionally remarkable individuals.

All charts and trees are updated on a regular basis.
However, when you follow a link be sure to also read the latest comments as they may contain additional information not yet reflected in the chart itself.

New charts are added frequently, so please check the pages for your favorite zoo occasionally.

Also, check out the Links with lots of useful websites about gorillas, both in the wild and in captivity.