Zoo Map South Africa
Current population: 5 (December 2015)

For the institutions housing gorillas in Central Africa see below

Republic of South Africa (RSA)

Hartbeespoort Gorillas on exhibit from 1983 to ~1986

Pretoria — The "Taiping Four"


Ibadan Gorillas on exhibit from 1964 to 2009


C en t r a l  A f r i c a  (Rescue and Reintroduction Projects)


Cameroon Map 1    Cameroon Map (c)

Limbe Wildlife Centre
Mefou Primate Park 

Congo (Democratic Republic)

DRC Map    DRC Map Detail

Senkwekwe Center (Rumangabo)
GRACE Center (Butembo) : 2012 -2015

Gabon  &  Congo (Republic) 

Gabon map    PPG Map

Fernan Vaz Gorilla Project
Projet Protection des Gorilles (Batéké Plateau & Lésio-Louna)
- Lésio-Louna
    Kwibi's Group : 2003Djala's Group : 2013 (Ver.1 - Ver.2 ) - 2014 (Ver.1 - Ver.2)
Franceville (CIRMF) : Version 1 - Version 2 No gorillas since August 2014 

Other projects, reserves and National Parks not holding captive gorillas: 
Gorillas: Central Africa (Map)    Gorillas: Central Africa
Bambidie Gorilla Project (Gabon)
Ivindo National Park (Gabon)
Dzanga-Sangha Reserve (Central African Republic)
Odzala-Kokoua National Park (Congo)
Kahuzi-Biéga National Park (DR Congo)

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